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how can lawyers argue without crying 

or swearing

if i went into a courtroom i’d be all

now you fucking listen here you little cumslut 

"he has been found guilty


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Those people who constantly reblog your stuff but you never really talk:


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and he greeted Death like an old friend.

and he greeted Death like an old friend.

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Who gave you the order?

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Marvel’s cinematic universe (so far) [x]

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 1/10 tv shows » Breaking Bad

"When you have children, you always have family. They will always be your priority, your responsibility. And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated or respected or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man."

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@amellywood: The Viper.

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